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Not only do we offer superior garage door installation and repair, but our sister division excels in gate repair and installation as well.  We know that your gate at your home or business is essential to your safety and security and we are committed to that as well.  We have a wide range of gates available in our stock, offer fast, reliable service, and we’re competitively prices.

Call now and let’s talk about fixing your gate or installing new one!

Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Repair Service Everett WAGate Repair Everett, provides automatic gate installation, and service for residential, ranch, or commercial gates. If you have an automatic gate established at your home or enterprise, it would need some service or repair at some point. We have a stock of new self-acting gates which you can purchase to replace your old one. Our business retains 15 years know-how in gate repair and setting up, thus our technicians in Everett, WA would help you professionally to establish a new automatic gate of any company. If you do not like the gates accessible in our stock, our technicians are trained enough to construct you a made-to-order gate gathering your requirements and taste.

Slide Gate Repair

Slide Garage Door Repair Service Everett WAGate repair Everett offers unbeatable value when it comes to sliding gates, either for residential or commercial use. They provide you with a sense of security, and with it, solid body and sliding mechanism. Our company has been dealing with sliding gates for rather some time and we focus in its installation and fixes. Just give us a call and we will send our technician your way who will take care of the setting up or repairing of your sliding gate. We even offer a wide variety of sliding gates at a very reasonable cost. Our Gate repair business in Everett, WA is pledged and motivated to providing high value choices of skid barriers that will rendezvous and exceed your desires and styles. We offer a broad variety of gates from many reputable gate constructing businesses at wholeheartedly competitive and reasonable price.

Swing Gate Repair

Swing Gate Repair Service Everett WAWith plenty to choose from, Gate Repair WA provides sliding gates as an another option available to you. If you favor wavering style for your gate, swing gate is the right alternative for you. Nowadays solid gates supply you with a great deal of protection. Swing gate is the perfect alternative amidst all the gate alternatives as it is functioned by the gate hinges and driven by gate opener. Therefore high upkeep is required for the hinges to work easily. Another common difficulty gate owner’s face is the fact that the swing gate breaks or bends ultimately making it unable to tilt or close properly. Our technicians in Everett, WA can help with this repair and provide you with knowledge about how to maintain your new gate.

Security Gate Repair

security gate repair servicesGate Repair Everett provides excellence in security gate repair. Security gates are conceived to supply full defense for you and your family in this time of insecurity everywhere in our society. Our gate repair techs are skilled in all security gate troubles, from hardware replacements, to welding. Just give us a call and we will solve your difficulty regarding your security gate after properly analyzing it in the presence of trained technicians in Everett, WA.

Gate Sensor Repair

Gate Sensor Repair Service Everett WAFor any type of gate you use in your house, it is important to establish gate sensors with it too. These sensors provide a supplemented security feature. When anyone arrives beside the gate, this sensor alerts the inhabitant, of a visitor. Furthermore, these sensors help avert impairment to the gate in situations where the gate is unfastening or closing and a heavy object is detected in its path. It is compulsory that you keep the sensors in prime shape to prevent any kind of accident or injury. Gate Repair Everett WA specializes in replacing broken gate sensors, sensor cables and can help you configure these sensors correctly after the installation.

Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Repair Service Everett WAIt is important that you select the correct gate opener, otherwise it won’t matter which gate you have installed because it won’t open or close. Our technicians will not only help you with choosing a gate opener. Gate Repair Everett WA will repair or install any gate opener for you. Also, if you want to refrain from installing a new gate opener and only wish to replace the gate motor, you can count on us for this job.

Gate Intercom Repair

Gate Intercom Repair Service Everett WAGate Repair Everett WA can help you with your intercom. There are generally two types of intercoms such as audio intercom scheme and video intercom system. Gate opener keypads can cause difficulties for you sometimes by getting locked up, not transmitting the signal due to awful wiring, or old broken down motherboard gate keypad system. Most of the time keypad and intercom fixes are simple and inexpensive to take care.An exact gate command button is present on the intercom which activates as the gate key is pressed.

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